DrumHER is an entity dedicated to raising awareness of, and opportunity for, female musicians of all ages and disciplines beginning with drummers.  A group of world renowned industry professionals will gather under this banner to reach youth and other underserved musicians of the worldwide female population by mentoring via clinics and performances through collaboration with educational institutions, music merchandizers, concert promoters and sponsors.  The resultant notoriety of brand will be utilized in the development of more readily available gender enabling musical products including progressive educational curricula, instrument hardware and accessories that promote the mission.
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Stage One•                                                 Academics 

 A touring music program at high school and college level will highlight established drummers such as Cindy Blackman Santana, Camille Gainer Jones or Sherrie Maricle teaching, discussing and performing with students and faculty alike.  “DrumHer Days” will feature workshops in trap, orchestral, Latin, and every subset of drum technique approachable and teachable.  Instrument manufacturers can subsidize these interactions with promotional values discussed, determined and agreeable for the advancement of the DrumHER constituency.  This new educational portal can filter down to younger music programs and their students in middle and elementary school curriculums.  


Stage Two•              The Cultural Footprint

The DrumHER initiative will promote the art form to emerging student communities utilizing the tutorial aspect combined with evening performances by the attending artists for the general public.  Media expansion will include monthly video mentoring sessions with role models like Sheila E.
An aggregate of these marquee artists will expand the message to markets and festivals of every size and description. 


Stage Three•                The Genre Defined

Large scale DrumHER events at the leading jazz and music festivals of the world will produce box office revenues while further exploiting the media message showcasing female drumming as an art form worthy of distinction and elevation.

 With funded support from the industry and public sources, DrumHER seeks to establish perennial programs at all levels of academia and public patronage enriching the cultural experience for all while raising the profiles of significant female artists across the spectrum.

Ultimately DrumHER believes this new paradigm will support the empowerment of young women while revealing new players of significant talent and artistry.






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Meet DrumHER founder, Gerry Brown
A legend behind the kit, Gerry has thrilled audiences for decades. 

Gerry brown

Gerry brown