“At the end, as at the beginning, stands the archetypal power of the Divine Feminine—the goddess. She is our future as she was our past. With her drum in hand, playing her sacramental rhythms, women can once again take their place in the world as technicians of the sacred. In the pulse of my drum, in the beat of my heart, I erect an altar to her forever.”

 Layne Redmond, "When the Drummers Were Women: A Spiritual History of Rhythm"



DrumHER establishes an active community of awareness while endeavoring to create content in educational and entertainment platforms by relying on highly developed female artists who broaden the academic experience for all students as well as mainstream audiences, regardless of gender.


Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Top female drummers of proven performance and academic merit demonstrate and discuss their discipline, their journey and their path to artistic integrity, career success and personal fulfillment.


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