"Well, believe it or not I have four granddaughters now, really...four!"

"I recently met a young student in New York City.  She attends a prestigious performing arts high school and she's a drummer.  I asked her how many other girls were playing traps at the school and she said 'A few, but boys hog all the good equipment and it can be daunting at times. So a lot of girls look elsewhere for rhythm chairs, mallets and stuff and that's cool, but it’s hard sometimes when we have to compete for gear.  I wish there were more girls and not just for more girls hanging out.  I think girls have their own musical perspective to offer.'

...and that struck a nerve. I began to talk to people in the business and everyone was enthusiastic in discussions about the topic.  I then saw a video on YouTube, an interview with a prominent female CEO in the music industry talking about the gender gap in the drum world."


“Well, believe it or not I have four granddaughters now, really...four!  And it occurred to me if they wanted to play the drums I'd want them to have the best possible opportunities.  No one has focused on that initiative, and working with female drummers, drummers who can play, I believe young women like my granddaughters who feel inspired by the music all around them can be empowered and motivated.”

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"I have since spoken to several artists who also want to advocate for stronger support for female drum instruction and each has their own circles that are drawn to these ideas.  It seems a foregone conclusion that this growing contingency can increase the quality of female drum education, and the numbers will take care of themselves. Music always renews itself, and this feels like it’s happening in a very special way".

Gerry's next gig is to foster DrumHER programs in schools and on concert stages around the world spotlighting great female players to erase the line between the genders and watch the growth in female drummers and all their musical counterparts.
Gerry and first Teacher elaine hoffman watts

Gerry and first Teacher elaine hoffman watts